Mother Blessing Ceremonies

Acknowledge, honour, and celebrate a woman’s journey into motherhood

I have many years of experience of facilitating blessing ceremonies for mothers and babies. This is a very special time for the mother, and a wonderful way to release fears and anxieties and feel the warmth of loving friends to support you on this journey of a lifetime. No prior knowledge or experience is required – you and your friends will be completely guided and feel safe. There’s no right or wrong – most people who attend have never done anything like this before, and they love it! The ceremony would make a different and meaningful present for a mother-to-be.

What is a Mother Blessing ceremony?

A Mother Blessing is a special ceremony designed to acknowledge, honour, and celebrate a woman’s journey into motherhood. Different to a baby shower, a Mother Blessing’s main aim is to provide a loving space where a mother-to-be can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches childbirth and motherhood. Surrounded by the most important women in her life, she will gain a sense of power, confidence, and support that will help her before, during, and after the birth of her child

Gifts for the Mother Blessing

Mother Blessing Ceremony gifts are usually symbolic in nature, intended to bless, inspire, encourage, empower, acknowledge, welcome, bestow wishes, reaffirm connections or honour the recipient’s journey. They can include hand-made items; found objects; objects from nature; personal items; cherished treasures or well-loved hand-me-downs. Gifts should have personal significance rather than monetary value. We usually create a necklace or bracelet made from beads or other objects so that the mother can be reminded of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon her and the baby.

How do we create the ceremony and what happens?

Each ceremony is created on an individual basis, so each will be different. If you book me to facilitate a ceremony, or if you are given this as a gift, I will meet with you first to talk about your wishes, and to explore the best approach for you. The ceremonies do have a spiritual focus but this is not from any particular tradition, though the overall feel may be described as ‘pagan’.

At our meeting, I discuss your wishes with you, and we arrange a date, time and a venue. This will be your home if possible as the atmosphere of a ceremony is very powerful and there is a feeling of blessing for the house and family for a long time after the ceremony has finished. I can also help arrange other venues (including a beautiful bell tent or tepee) at additional cost.

Apart from arranging the day and the venue, the mother-to-be does not usually participate in the rest of the organising. It’s part of the ceremony that you have a relaxing time and leave all the work of organisation to me, your friends and family. I will talk you (the mother-to-be) through the sort of things to expect but it’s nice for you if the details are a lovely surprise.

The effects of the ceremony

It is a very powerful thing to sit in circle, being supported by loved ones and with the blessings of Divine and the ancestors shining upon you. I believe the blessings last not only for the birth, but for a lifetime.


Each ceremony costs £200. A non-returnable deposit to be paid when booked, and the remainder paid two weeks prior to the ceremony.

When is the best time to have the ceremony?

It’s part of the preparation for birth, so it’s probably best to have your ceremony between approximately 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. If you have the ceremony much earlier than this it can feel as if you’re not quite ready. And of course if you plan the ceremony for after 36 weeks then you might miss your ceremony if baby arrives a bit early! If you do book a ceremony but baby arrives early, I will create a postnatal blessing ceremony for you so you still receive the benefits and blessings.

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Kind words from clients

Nicky Grace is wonderful. I was privileged to have her as my independent midwife for the births of my 2 daughters. She also gifted me with 2 amazing Mother Blessing ceremonies. These ceremonies are very special. A gathering of the most important and special women in your life to honour you at a really big time in your life. The ceremonies left me feeling utterly blessed and really felt like it cleared the way for the birth. Nicky is loving, gentle, sensitive and a powerfully protective spiritual presence. I highly recommend her in every way!

Kara Mcardle

Intrigued by the idea?

Intrigued by the idea?

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