I’m delighted to have updated my website so that it reflects the independent midwifery services I’m offering in the Nottingham, Derby, Doncaster, Sheffield, Leicester and Lincoln areas. I’m still doing lots of exciting work on the training and birth preparation aspects of my business too, so watch this space for the next events and courses.

For my midwifery work, I choose to work outside the NHS in order to provide the continuity of care model of midwifery that still seems so elusive for large institutions. The way it works is that I have an initial consultation with a woman (and often her partner) and we decide if we want to work together. If we go ahead then I help the mother to monitor and optimise her health in pregnancy, and we spend time planning the best possible birth for her and the baby. I’m also on-call for the family throughout the postnatal period up to six weeks following the birth – which can be a crucial time for the health and wellbeing of the whole family.

I believe that there is a place for midwifery care that’s independent of the NHS or even of any employer. There’s something timeless about the mother/midwife relationship that is at it’s most straightforward when the midwife is contracted by the mother to provide a service. The midwife is free then to place the woman at the centre of her duty of care – she doesn’t have any possible conflicts with an employer who may (for instance) change or withdraw maternity services.

At the moment I do have some limitations on the care that I can provide. I can’t attend home births as the primary midwife because of the NMC ruling on independent midwifery indemnity (see my blog post for details). This should be resolved soon as the Judicial Review is heard mid-October. I can’t wait to get back to offering my full services but in the meantime, I am still able to offer a high level of continuity of care including postnatal care so that I’m serving women, babies and families to the best of my ability.

Please let me know in the comments your experiences of independent midwifery or your thoughts about it. Many thanks.