I’m very happy to confirm that I’m now able to continue with full independent midwifery practice (including attending births) in Nottingham and throughout the East Midlands including Derby, Leicester, Lincoln – even Peterborough, Sheffield and Doncaster may be possible depending on the drive. This is all thanks to a brilliant new company called My Midwife and Me which has given me access to insurance and lots of other helpful things like regular training updates and support.

Please contact me with no obligation to discuss your requirements and whether you are within my ‘catchment’ area.

You may be wondering, how does My Midwife and Me (MMM) work? is this true independent midwifery?

I can assure you that I’m still completely independent, not employed by anyone else. I have absolutely no restrictions on my practice. That means that I can support women who make informed choices to have the birth that is right for them, whatever their circumstances.

A bonus for me of using MMM is that as well as the insurance, there is a governance structure that supports excellence in midwifery practice meaning that there are woman-centred clinical guidelines for me to access plus lots of training that is being developed. The organisation has been set up by the wonderful midwife Jo Parkington. Jo is famous for setting up the innovative ‘One-to-One’ midwives and she’s gone to really heroic lengths to offer all the choices that women and their families need. My impression of Jo is that she is as passionate as I am about women’s right to choose – whether that means choosing an independent midwife or an NHS birth.

Read more about MMM on their website, but also watch this space as a new website and directory is being planned for launch very soon.