Full Independent Midwifery package

My full independent midwifery package includes all antenatal and postnatal care as outlined in each section, plus midwifery care for birth.

My philosophy is that I believe each woman has the right to give birth in the way that is right for her and her baby. I work with each woman to work out what is best for her in her individual circumstances. I have been attending home births as primary midwife since 2004 and have developed a range of skills and experience in supporting women wanting undisturbed home births so if this sounds like something that appeals to you then please contact me for a no-obligation discussion.

independent midwife care

I see birth as a very significant event in each woman’s and baby’s life with many aspects including biological, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual. Probably the most important thing any midwife can do is support a woman with care and sensitivity, while exercising clinical skills and judgement. In the case of a home birth, this will mean that the woman is free to follow the cues of her body in labour which usually means an active birth. If complications arise or there are signs that all is not well, it is wise to seek help from a consultant obstetrician or other health professional but this is never imposed on a client – all decisions are made in partnership with the woman having the final say and she can rely my unconditional support. In practice I find that most births unfold beautifully with little interference.

I work mainly as a home birth midwife in which case I am primary midwife for any client who books with me. I usually work closely with my midwifery partner, Rachel Wardle, or with another IM depending on the geographical area.

If a client has a hospital birth I act as advocate and help to ensure that the birth plan is respected.

Whether for a home or hospital birth as a midwife I hold a space for a client to give birth in safety and as happily as possible and I aim to provide the following midwifery care:

  • One-to-one care from a midwife with whom you have a relationship of trust
  • Good preparation for birth
  • Advice and assessment in early stages of labour
  • Constant gentle support in later stages of labour
  • Expert assistance for homebirth
  • Many years of experience in unobtrusive presence at home birth including no routine vaginal exams
  • Belief in birth as a normal, non-medical event (unless complications arise)
  • Help for women to make informed choices themselves
  • Support for active birth and hypnosis techniques
  • Support for VBAC, vaginal breech birth, waterbirth
  • No early cord cutting or clamping
  • Support for cord tying, lotus birth or sacred cord burning if required
  • High level of professional training for emergencies
  • Safe, reliable, disposable equipment
  • On call from 37 weeks to whenever baby is born
  • Perineal care including suturing at home if required

Fees for full IM care, including birth:

I don’t do a birth-only package, so my IM package includes antenatal care, birth preparation, birth and postnatal care and comes to £4000 which is usually paid as a £1200 deposit on booking, then two further payments of £1400 at 28 weeks and 36 weeks. I’m sorry but I can’t give discounts for late booking as my expenses for each birth are roughly the same, plus late booking tends to mean I’m doing the same amount of work in a shorter time. Payment plans are available for those who require longer to pay and I am happy to take card or Paypal payments.